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Darul Uloom - Jamia Imaam Ahmad Raza Ahsan ul Barakaat is an educational movement. It aims to develop a dynamic institution of Islamic learning with effective and visionary system of education which would produce Ulama and Scholars with deep knowledge of Qur'an and Sunnah and at the same time conversant with the modern sciences and theories of knowledge. It was founded by His eminence, Hazrat Allama Mufti Shamsul Haque Misbahi Barakaati under the auspice of Anwaar e Mustafa Islamic Society - Musjid e Noorani, with his dedicated team of ambitious, brave and sincere supporters in 2007.

The comprehensive syllabus, progressive academic setup with profound commitment of the Asatada has made "The Jamia" a very distinguished Darul Uloom in the country. English – Arabic medium of instruction in Aalimiat and Hifz Bil Hadr, Qira'at with school education has taken it to a very high and unique level. An arrangement has been made to transport the students daily from Jamia to School. Along with quality education Jamia focuses much on Tarbiat of the children. It motivates the students to:

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